What are 2600/2700 camloc general purpose studs

What are 2600/2700 camloc general purpose studs

The Camloc 2600/2700 series refers to a range of general-purpose 1/4-turn fasteners. These fasteners offer a wide selection of studs and receptacles for various applications. Certain 2600 and 2700 series fasteners are qualified to MIL-F-5591 specifications. The series includes receptacles designed for fast installation or ultrasonic installation, as well as integral stud cups that protect the top panel surface from abrasion.

To select the appropriate Camloc 2600/2700 series stud, you need to consider factors such as panel thickness, frame thickness, and total material thickness (grip). The total material thickness is calculated by adding the panel thickness and frame thickness to 0.062 inches.

You can refer to selection charts or tables provided by Camloc or authorized distributors like Aircraft Spruce to find the suitable stud part number based on the total material thickness (grip). Additionally, you may need to consider factors such as stud length, head style, and material options (e.g., steel or stainless steel).

It is important to consult the specific documentation or resources provided by Camloc or the supplier to ensure you select the correct stud and components for your application. The selection process may vary depending on your specific requirements.

Please note that the information provided here is a summary of the search results and may not cover all possible details. It is always recommended to refer to the official documentation or consult with the supplier for the most accurate and up-to-date information on Camloc 2600/2700 series fasteners.

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