How to select your 2600 camloc series

To select the appropriate Camloc 2600 series fastener, you need to consider the stud length, head style, and material. Here are the steps to select your Camloc 2600 series fastener:

  • Determine the panel thickness (P) and frame thickness (F) of your application.


  • Calculate the total material thickness (GRIP) by adding the panel thickness (P) and frame thickness (F) to 0.062 inches



  • Refer to the Camloc 2600 series selection chart or table provided by Camloc or authorized distributors like Aircraft Spruce to find the appropriate stud part number based on the total material thickness (GRIP).


  • Consider the head style and material options available for the Camloc 2600 series. The head styles include slotted and wing head, and the materials include cad plated and

stainless steel.


  • Choose the stud part number that matches your desired head style, material, and stud length based on the calculated total material thickness (GRIP).


  • If you require retaining washers for studs of -5 length or greater, select the appropriate retaining washer based on your specific needs

It is important to refer to the specific documentation or resources provided by Camloc or the supplier to ensure you select the correct stud and components for your application. The selection process may vary depending on the specific requirements of your project.

Remember to verify the information and consult the official documentation or supplier resources for the most accurate and up-to-date information on selecting Camloc 2600 series fasteners.

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