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Camloc Quarter Turns Quarter-turn fasteners connecting components:

Quarter-turn fasteners connect components under an elastic preload.

The spring element to produce the preload can be part of the stud or receptacle.

Tensile strength shear and fatigue system is defined for tensile strength. However, shear stress is not applicable as Quarter-turn fasteners aren't made for such applications. Fatigue needs to be tested depending on customer requirements.

Quarter-turn Fasteners can be lightweight, depending on the detailed design of the components. There are also medium duty and heavy duty studs, which aren't lightweight but have a higher tensile strength.

The corrosion resistance of Quarter-turn fasteners depends on the material and the surface treatments the Quarter-turn fastener has undergone.

The Quarter-turn fasteners have a high vibration resistance with a wide range of sizes.

The high vibration resistance is due to the spring load and locking groove in the receptacle which ensure the vibration resistance.

In regards to the recess wrenching durability, these variations depend on application requirements.

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