Camloc light duty

50F 900N

The 50F 900N Series is the strongest light duty quarter turn solution from Camloc. This series has spring loaded receptacles which can ben installed by clip in or clip on. It is also possible to quick install the stud by using a grommet, removing the need of a retaining washer.


The 99F Series is a light duty quarter turn solution from Camloc. This series has an increased griprange compared to other light duty quarter turs. The treaded receaptacle makes this series ideal for installation in castings or on panels with a retaining nut.


The 5F Series is the smallest available Camloc quarter turn solution. It has a protective washer to protect the panel surface. It is often used to attach print panels into electronical equipment.

Camloc light duty


The V936F Series is are one piece fasterner from Camloc. As it exists out of a single piece, it allows quick installation without the need of any tooling! The studs are highly vibration resistand which makes them a good solution as fastener in electro-mechanical and electronic equipment.


The 713F Series is a fasteners specialy designed to fasten panels in electrical switch cabinets to modular bars. The studs of the 713F series are custom tailored to your specifications. To enable is to identify the correct product, we require the dimensions and tolerances of the front panel, the shape of the modular bar and if needed the requested colour.


The 715F Series is a push-turn quarter solution from Camloc. By pushing the stud, the fastener is closed, when turning the stud the fastener is released. A quarter turn solutions from the 715F series consist only out 2 parts: the stud and receptacle. Both the stud and receptacle are snap-in installed, which reduces the installation time. There are 2 head styles available: slotted and knurled head.