Camloc Keenserts®

Keenserts® are high strength threaded inserts made from stainless steel 1.4305. They are passivated according to EN 2516. The standard product range have metric thread dimensions. Imperial dimensions and specials are available upon request. Keenserts® may be used in alloys, light materials, steel and cast iron to increase the strength of the thread in these materials. They can also be used for thread repair, whereas the defect thread can be replaced with the same nominal diameter. Keenserts® have less attrition. A multiple tightening and loosening of the bolt is possible. Locking inserts include a dry film lubrication on the surface to protect the screw from galling. Keenserts® have a positive lock against rotation and vibration. KeenSerts have 2 or 4 pre-assembled kees depending on diameter. After installation of the kees into the parent material the assembly is form-closed. No check with a thread gauge according to DIN standard possible in the area of the kees.

In short, Keenserts® give high strength joints in low strength materials.

Keenserts® are used in all different kinds of applications such as suspension units, electronic equipment and transmission housings.

All Keenserts® are made out of stainless steel, which means that their quality is guaranteed before installation.

To install these Keenserts® , no special tools are required. Standard taps and drills can be used for hole preparation. Because of the self-broaching kees, the insert is set to depth and it's ensured to have positive resistance against rotation.

camloc keenserts